Saturday, April 5, 2008

Goodbye Breck!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Breckenridge nearly three months and that winter, or at least our winter, is over. It’s especially hard to think about winter being over when the ski slopes around are reporting up to 16” of new snow on Monday morning. It was one of the biggest snow days of the year. All our ski gear was already boxed up and ready to be shipped, though.

Brian went to the doctor on Monday as well, since he’d been sick for over a week with something flu-like. It turns out that it wasn’t the flu, but the doctor gave him antibiotics hoping that would clear it up. Since Brian still wasn’t feeling too hot, we decided to stay in Breck for an extra day and leave on Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday morning.

Monday afternoon, Sarah shipped off three boxes of snow gear. That was 110 pounds of stuff! We sent skis, snowboards, boots, snowshoes, car chains, a shovel, and all sorts of other winter odds and ends that we won’t need again for awhile. Amazingly, it only cost $100 to ship all that stuff via UPS. Who knew that shipping was so inexpensive?

The rest of Monday and Tuesday were spent relaxing and doing some packing so we’d be ready to go Wednesday. Brian is enjoying his new satellite radio, which has seemingly constant baseball broadcasts now that the season has started.

All in all, we each spent 60 days on the slopes this winter. Sarah skied 42 times and boarded 18 while Brian skied 25 times and boarded 35 times. We spent 34 of our slope days at Breck, 13 at Keystone, seven at Vail, three at A-Basin, and two at Beaver Creek. Brian also got one extra day at Vail boarding with Sarah’s sister and Sarah spent a day skiing at Copper with her family. What a season! It was one of the best snow years that Summit County has had recently and we were quite fortunate to be there to enjoy it.

We’ll definitely miss Breckenridge, but we are excited about all the new adventures ahead for the summer.

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