Saturday, April 5, 2008


Sarah’s sister, Amy, came to Breckenridge to spend her spring break with us. She arrived in the evening on Saturday, March 22. The next morning was Easter Sunday. Sarah got Brian and Amy up nice and early so that they could be at the mountain at 6:15 AM for sunrise service. From there, we took the Colorado Chair up to the Vista Haus, which is where the service was held. Taking a chair lift at that hour of the day was a chilly endeavor, even though we were all bundled up. As usual, the wind near the top of the lift was howling and we were all ready to be off the lift by the time it got to the top.

We had a bit of time before the service started, so Sarah took some photos. In this one, you can see the town of Breckenridge lit up at the bottom of the mountain.

Here’s a photo looking south toward Hoosier Pass.

By the time the service started, the Vista Haus was packed. As promised, it was truly a “sunrise service,” with the sun coming over the ridge just after the service started. The views were amazing.

After the service, we took some more photos before heading back down the mountain.

It took a while to get everyone back down the chair because the downloading capacity is only every third chair.

Here’s a look back at the Vista Haus from the chair on the ride down the mountain. The large windows were perfect for viewing sunrise.

This shot is looking up Peak 8.

Another view from the lift:

Here you can see the churchgoers riding the lift down as the Info people start riding the lift up to get ready for the ski day.

After church, we stopped briefly by Daylight Donuts, though Amy was too exhausted to even be interested. We went home and she took a three and a half hour nap! Some people have a hard time sleeping when they first arrive at this high an altitude, but Amy had no such problems.

In the afternoon, we went to Copper Mountain to take advantage of their free cross-country ski and snowshoe trails. Amy cross-country skied while Sarah and Brian snowshoed. They couldn’t keep up, but it was still a fun jaunt. It was another bright sunny day.

On the way back to the car, we stopped at Copper Village to watch the Easter Bunny doing tricks in the half pipe. Only in a ski town…

Before going home, we stopped at Bubba Gump’s for appetizers and to enjoy the great view from the deck. Here are Brian and Amy hanging out on the patio:

At this point, we were all tired after our early morning, Brian was starting to feel sick, and Amy was feeling the effects of the altitude, so we decided to head home and call it a night.

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