Sunday, March 9, 2008

Skiing Copper

Friday, February 29, was an exciting day – Sarah’s dad skied for the first time in a decade! Sarah, her parents, and Lisa enjoyed the clear, sunny, warm day at Copper Mountain. Brian, unfortunately, wasn’t feeling well so he spent the day resting at the condo.

Sarah’s dad stopped skiing long ago because he couldn’t find boots that weren’t agonizing to wear. Sarah’s mom really enjoys skiing though, so he was finally convinced to try it again. Amazingly, the boots he rented were acceptable, if not perfectly comfortable. Temperatures in the high thirties also kept toe-popsicles from being a problem, which also made the boots more bearable.

Sarah had never been to Copper to ski before, even though it’s less than a half hour away. Copper is not included on the Colorado Pass, and when you get to ski five mountains for free, it’s hard to get motivated to actually pay to ski. Sarah and Brian have been collecting buy-one-get-one-free coupons from one of the local gas stations though, which made it a cheap day of skiing for everyone.

Copper Mountain has an interesting layout of “divided terrain”. Almost all of the beginner slopes are on one side of the mountain, the intermediate slopes are in the middle, and the expert slopes are off to the other side and on the back of the mountain. This layout is actually pretty nifty for beginners because there aren’t experts flying down green slopes at the bottom of a run to get back to the lift. Especially as a beginning snowboarder, that can be pretty intimidating.

The views from Copper are pretty amazing. Here’s Lisa taking a run early in the day with the mountains in the background:

Mom and Dad taking a breather and riding the chairlift (look at that smile – Dad must be enjoying himself!):

Lisa and Sarah took one run in Copper’s back bowls. Copper offers free cat skiing in the bowls. It looked pretty cool but the line was long and it wasn’t the best of snow days, so they passed. It was worth checking out the bowls for the views though:

Later, Mom and Dad are caught in action:

Lisa has snowboarded for a long time. In the afternoon she decided that she wanted to try skiing again so Sarah and Lisa swapped equipment. It’s convenient that they wear the same size boots. Sarah wasn’t too excited about Lisa’s board, which is a lot longer and stiffer than hers is, but she managed. Lisa did really well on the skis, except when Sarah accidentally led her down a mogul run. Lisa enjoyed the chance to try out two planks instead of one, but in the end decided she really preferred her snowboard. Here’s the photo evidence that Lisa actually did get on skis:

It was another beautiful day on the slopes!

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