Monday, April 27, 2009


We had a nice relaxing visit with Brian’s parents over Christmas. Brian got to play lots of games of pool with his dad, and many games of rummy with his mom.

Early on, the weather was a bit sketchy – biting cold and rain freezing rain, and Brian and his dad got to spend time bonding while breaking up the ice in the driveway. We started using the treadmill in the basement for exercise because it was just too cold to run outside.

Brian’s sister Christie came home a few days after we got there, and by Christmas everyone was ready for the big day. We woke before dawn and lit the tree.

IMG_1024 by PunIntented
Our stockings sat waiting for us to dig in.

IMG_1030 by PunIntented
Sarah curled up with a blanket while she waited for the rest of the family to wake up.

IMG_1025 by PunIntented
It wasn’t long before Christie was ready for her morning coffee, and of course we had to add a little Christmas spirit to it in the form of Bailey’s.

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Before opening presents, we took a few family pictures by the tree. Christie and us:

IMG_1039 by PunIntented
Brian’s parents:

IMG_1045 by PunIntented
Then we opened our Christmas cards. Christie liked her card comparing George Bush to a monkey.

IMG_1051 by PunIntented
Finally, the time had come! Time to open the gifts! We’ve become more orderly in our gift unwrapping than we used to be – generally taking turns instead of all tearing into the wrapping paper madly. Brian gave Sarah a classic book of Washington hikes.

IMG_1063 by PunIntented
Christie got a package of “Christie”-brand cookies, which we picked up for her while we were in Canada.

IMG_1067 by PunIntented
Sarah gave Brian a book that perfectly fit our year of traveling.

IMG_7208 by PunIntented
Brian also got some Toasted Oats. We think there was a present inside the box, but we’re not sure anymore.

IMG_7213 by PunIntented
Christie was apparently a mad knitter in the months leading up to Christmas. She made golf club head covers for Dad.

IMG_7209 by PunIntented
A hat for Mom.

IMG_1088 by PunIntented
A sweater for Dad.

IMG_7222 by PunIntented
IMG_1097 by PunIntented
A sweater for Mom.

IMG_1098 by PunIntented
Here’s Dad with his ensemble of knitted items.

IMG_7223 by PunIntented
After we had opened our gifts, drunk too much Bailey’s, and eaten way too many Turtles, Brian’s grandparents arrived. Here’s Brian with his grandfather.

IMG_7227 by PunIntented
Brian’s aunt Pam and uncle Ron also came over.

IMG_7232 by PunIntented
IMG_1111 by PunIntented
Grammy enjoyed opening her presents.

IMG_1113 by PunIntented
IMG_7231 by PunIntented
And Grampy made out well, as always.

IMG_1120 by PunIntented
The unwrapping of knitted items continued unabated.

IMG_1121 by PunIntented

Sarah took advantage of breaks in the action to take some close-up photos of the ornaments on the tree.

IMG_7237 by PunIntented
IMG_7245 by PunIntented
After opening this second round of presents, everyone was famished when we finally ate Christmas brunch around 1:00 in the afternoon, so we all agreed it was the best Christmas brunch ever.

We stayed with Brian’s parents through the end of the month to celebrate Brian’s dad’s birthday. One day, we all drove out to Starved Rock State Park, where we were supposed to be able to see bald eagles. We did see a couple, but spent most of our time looking out over the flooded Illinois River.

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After a restful stay in Illinois, we finally set out on Monday, January 5, to begin our final drive across the country to Seattle.

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