Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oregon Coast

We arrived at Nehalem Bay State Park in the evening on Tuesday, May 27. Much to our surprise, there was a yurt available for the next three nights. This sounded like the perfect place to spend a few rainy days, especially since it was only $7 a night more than a campsite.

The yurt was adorable, with ample living space (with a heater, even) and a covered porch for cooking.

The next day, we took a long walk along the beach in front of the campground. While we were walking, there were a couple of people with several horses walking along the beach. Here’s one of the horses playing on the beach:

Eventually, we hit the inlet and had to turn around.

Later in the day, we walked another trail in the campground that took us out to Nehalem Bay. It was early evening and we were the only ones there. It was quite peaceful.

On Thursday, we drove north a bit along the coastal highway. Along the way, we stopped at an overlook of Nehalem Beach, where we’d walked the previous day.

Next, we stopped to hike along the Oregon Coast Trail. We thought this cove along the way was cool.

After a little over a mile, the trail took us to Oswald West State Park where we hung out on the beach enjoying the scenery.

After our hike, we went back to the yurt where Brian beat Sarah handily at Scrabble. Sarah thought she had a chance until he played “squishy” for over 90 points with two turns left…

That evening, Sarah went out to the beach for sunset. Though the colors weren’t spectacular due to dense clouds on the horizon, it was pretty nonetheless.

On Friday, we finally left the yurt to drive to Seattle for the weekend. We dawdled along for awhile, stopping at Arcadia Beach to read the paper and check out the tide pools:

We also stopped at the famous Cannon Beach. Here’s a look at the Haystack Rock (of Goonies fame) from an overlook:

We walked down the beach to see Haystack Rock up close:

Here are some other views looking down Cannon Beach:

The town of Cannon Beach was cute too, with lots of weathered houses.

Eventually, we decided that we needed to leave if we wanted to make it to Seattle before rush hour hit in full.

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